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Floppy disk drives have been around almost from the beginning.  Can you imagine a modern automobile with a crank handle style starter sticking out of the front grill?

Despite there antiquated technology (by PC standards) floppy disk drives still have there uses, so far.  Many device drivers (a program that tells the PC how to use the hardware that is installed) still come from the manufacturer on the old tried and true 3.5 inch floppy disk.  And, many people still use the 3.5 floppy disk as storage for data, particularly document files, for transfer from PC's at work to the PC at home. 

Floppy disks can be formatted to hold 2.88 MB, but this process is tedious to say the very least.  Most people will only every use them in the 1.44 MB format.  Compare that to the 650 to 800 MB of CD-R disc and you can easily see why I am amazed that floppy disks are still around.

Floppy disk are magnetic storage devices.  DO NOT set one down on top of a stereo speaker, television, or monitor!  The magnetic field can make the files on a floppy disk unreadable.

Floppy drives have stuck around a lot longer than I though they would.



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